Picture: @ANCKZN/Twitter

Durban - ANC President Cyril Ramaphosa told delegates at the provincial elective conference in Durban that the party condemns those, in the party and outside, who were seeking to use race to advance their narrow interests.

He warned of the disastrous consequences of narrow populism.

“In other parts of our continent and the world, we have seen how such attitudes can lead to genocide. In this province, we must address the issue of relationships between Africans and Indians. This is an apartheid fault line that we have not succeeded in overcoming.”

Ramaphosa said the party must not waiver in the commitment to build the South Africa envisaged in the Freedom Charter. “A South Africa for all who live in it - black and white.”

Ramaphosa said they party needed to consistently carry out self-introspection to root out corruption. “Right now, those who conduct surveys are saying many of our people are warming up to the ANC.

“If we were to hold an election today we would get well over 60%. They are having this renewed support of the ANC and we must capitalise on this. We need to ensure that we hold on to state power to transform the lives of the people.

People expect us to build social cohesion, to respond to the resurgence of racism tribal and ethnic conflict. “From its birth the ANC has fought for an end to all forms of discrimination,” Ramaphosa said.

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