Johannesburg's member of the mayoral committee for health and social development, Nonceba Molwele, commit her departments to the fight against drugs during a ceremony. Picture: Timothy Bernard

Johannesburg - The ANC’s Nonceba Molwele has been unanimously elected the new council speaker for Johannesburg following an extraordinary council meeting on Wednesday.

The meeting was boycotted by the DA and the EFF as the official opposition declared it illegal since it maintained that its councillor Vasco da Gama was still the legitimate speaker.

Last week, majority of councillors who were present in council voted for the motion to remove Da Gama but the DA’s Alex Christians rejected the motion after the DA disputed the interpretation of what constituted a majority vote.

The city however declared a vacancy for the post and city manager Ndivhoswani Lukwareni called for the meeting despite protestations and legal threats from the DA.

This comes as the ANC continues to complete its total takeover of the city from the DA after dislodging it last week.

Molwele is the former MMC for health and social development under the ANC-led administration which was dislodged by the DA-led coalition in the 2016 local elections.

Delivering her acceptance speech, Molwele said her election would finally bring stability to the municipality.

"I will work with everyone in council, with our coalition partners and those we are not in coalition with," Molwele said.

She said while Da Gama claimed to be still the speaker, she would immediately occupy the office.

"The the staff told me the keys are there. I will go straight to my office now and the work begins," she said.

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