Johannesburg - It hasn’t been smooth sailing for the ANC Youth League as it criss-crosses the country whipping its members into line with the ANC’s vision, with an altercation at its Limpopo meeting leading to a member being hit over the head with a rock.

The league’s national working committee (NWC) met the Limpopo provincial and regional executives on Tuesday, where the league’s Sekhukhune regional chairman, Jeff Nkwana, was attacked.

ANCYL Limpopo spokesman Nono Mabunda said the NWC had been well received, and the attack had happened only afterwards.

He said the NWC had conveyed the message for the league to toe the line.

Mabunda said the fight was the work of “hooligans” who didn’t belong to the league.

“A fight ensued after the meeting. Some people called for the disbandment of the province.

“Nkwana was hit with a rock on the head,” said Mabunda, adding that the doctor who treated Nkwana said the attacker had “intended to kill him”.

The Star