The anti-Indian lobby group, Injeje yamaNguni, is to meet the EFF over the direction it will take in fighting what it calls “Indian dominance” in KwaZulu-Natal.

Injeje leader Phumlani Mfeka said EFF leader Julius Malema’s comments that Indians were ill-treating their African compatriots and had monopolised the province’s economy were true.

Malema made the remarks at the EFF’s fourth birthday celebrations.

Mfeka would not divulge further details about the impending meeting this week, only saying the two organisations would issue a statement once they had met.

Mfeka said his organisation was planning a mass demonstration when he appeared in Durban’s Equality Court on September 22 for calling Mahatma Gandhi a racist.

He said he stood by his comments.

Mfeka, who has been in and out of court for his anti-Indian sentiments, said he would not retreat because it was a fact that Indians were ill-treating their African compatriots.

“The provincial government is not taking the matter as seriously as it should be. We have requested meetings with the provincial government, but they are not coming to the party,” said Mfeka.

He said his organisation’s patience was wearing thin with the provincial government which had “remained silent while black people were being treated badly”.

Mfeka said they were engaging headmen of different hostels in the province, galvanising support for their series of demonstrations.

“Africans are still suffering at the hands of our Indian counterparts. (The) government is not intervening because some of them are in the pockets of Indians business people. From now on, we are going to expose them.”

He said the provincial social cohesion council, launched in a bid to unite different race groups, was not helping because it was dysfunctional. “I don’t think (the) government is serious about the matter because they are not doing anything.”

Mfeka echoed Malema’s sentiments that Indian business people monopolised the province’s economy and had the biggest slice of contracts in eThekwini municipality.

EFF KZN provincial command team member and MP Phillip Mhlongo said there was a meeting planned with Injeje, adding that the issue of Indian dominance in KZN was a bone of contention.

He would not be drawn into commenting further.

Weekend Argus Sunday