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Pretoria – A group of about 15 people who were at the front of the anti-Zuma march to the Union Buildings tried to remove the barbed wire circled around the fence but were prevented by the police.

The group, who donned EFF colours and green #SaveSA T-shirts, shook the barbed wires in full view of the police.

They were however stopped as the police formed a wall to protect the fence and keep them at bay.

They then hurled insults at the police and threw water sachets at them.

"Zuma must go, Zuma must go," they chanted.

Themba Masango, a member of #SaveSA, said there were at least 25 000 people who flocked to the anti-Zuma march.

He had earlier on called on marchers to maintain high discipline throughout the day.

He said the message from the protesters was that "Zuma must go".

Earlier at the Church Square, the South African Communist Party deputy secretary Solly Mapaila told the crowd that his party has joined the march because it wanted the Gupta family to leave South Africa.

The party's march from Marabastad to the Treasury building was cancelled after it was denied permission to march.

"President Jacob Zuma must step down. South Africa can not allow to give it's sovereignty to a family," he said.

He said the people were within their rights to "to defend the freedom we so fought had for".

He called on people to fight against the Zuma-administration which was bent on enriching the the president's family and his cronies.

Sipho Pityana, convener of #SaveSA, said people have come together to further the dream of unity advanced by the late President Nelson Mandela.

"We are united because we believe in the dream of Mandela," he said.

He said the South Africans should not "allow bunch of crooks" to run their country.

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