As Zuma’s MK party soars in KZN, Visvin Reddy declares: ‘We’re coming for failing municipalities’

Visvin Reddy seen with former president and MK Party backer, Jacob Zuma. Picture: Visvin Reddy

Visvin Reddy seen with former president and MK Party backer, Jacob Zuma. Picture: Visvin Reddy

Published May 30, 2024


Failing municipalities in KwaZulu-Natal to be placed under administration and water and electricity issues to be resolved with urgency.

Those are amongst the first issues to be tackled by the uMkhonto weSizwe Party as it declares victory in KZN based on preliminary results trickling in which shows the party in the lead in the province.

"We are taking KZN, its obvious as more districts fall. We are taking KZN by a majority so we don't need any coalition. And we have a clear vision of the first business of the day. We are going to remove incompetent leaders, place those hung municipalities under administration and work towards making KZN an important economic hub for the country. There's a lot of work to be done and we are going to fix KZN with the urgency needed," leading MK member Visvin Reddy told IOL.

And, while results are still being counted, Reddy says their party agents have already done the maths.

"We've definitely taken KZN, our agents have looked at the numbers and done the maths. Even IFP strongholds like Msinga has fallen to the MK," added Reddy.

As results begin to trickle in, the reality of a political shift in KZN is starting to emerge.

Despite its squabbles and ANC attempts to silence MK leader Jacob Zuma politically, all predictions are that the party looks set to take KZN comfortably.

News of the emerging picture and a likely defeat of the ANC in KZN has received mixed responses so far.

"The writing was on the wall. We knew we had to do more to defeat Zuma. He is too strong in KZN. The party did everything, that's why we brought all our big guns to the province but it was too late. We lost support as soon as Zuma was suspended from the party and it only got worse after that," a senior ANC leader told IOL.

As some celebrated the news of a likely MK victory in the province, others reacted with dismay.

"I can't believe that. Zuma is back? He is going to be in charge of KZN? Ooh no, I need to think about moving to Cape Town, its going to get worse here," quipped Caroline, a 52 year Durban resident.

But, for Zama, it was the news she waited for. "MK is winning? Thats great! I voted for them. We need change, I'm happy," she said.

But, the show is not over yet. Most votes are still being counted and anything could change. It's too early to call, but MK has called it, in true party style.

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