ATM Youth League calls for death penalty for GBV perpetrators

The ATMYL is calling for the return of the death penalty in South Africa. Picture: Facebook

The ATMYL is calling for the return of the death penalty in South Africa. Picture: Facebook

Published Jun 16, 2020


Johannesburg - The African Transformation Movement Youth League has called on the death penalty for those who are found guilty of heinous crimes, including gender-based violence. 

The ATMYL said young people were suffering disproportionately high levels of murder, femicide, and racism.

"The time has come for the youth of South Africa to emulate the young people of 1976, who took to the streets to fight for better education and equal human rights. Many of them lost their lives fighting for the very same struggles as the youth of today," said the ATMYL. 

Also touching on Youth Day, the ATMYL said the material conditions of young black people had not changed, 44 years after June 16, 1976.

“The black child is still marginalised as he was in 1976. We are still fighting for the black man’s rights as we were in 1976. 

“It is unfortunate that the struggle becomes harder for the black girl child, as her rights are further violated even by those who are supposed to protect her,” they said. 

The ATMYL said it was time for South African youth to say ‘enough is enough’. 

“South Africans can no longer tolerate this type of brutality, especially against women and young people. It is for this reason the South African government must act harshly against those who rape and kill our women and children, molest and brutalise children (our future), those who enslave our sisters through prostitution and human trafficking, and those who smuggle and sell drugs to children.” said the ATMYL. 

They are calling for GBV offenders who rape to be given a minimum life in prison sentence. 

“The South African Police Service must act swiftly in dealing with GBV cases and justice must be delivered without delay; and repeat and serial offenders must face the death penalty. 

“We are done sitting on the sidelines watching our country run by heartless criminals, who do not have remorse for our vulnerable groups; that is, our elders, women and children,” they said. 


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