Peter Dutton is Australia's home affairs minister. File picture: Rob Griffith/AP

Cape Town - As the call for land expropriation intensifies, Australia's home affairs minister has reportedly instructed his department to consider fast-tracking the visa applications of white South African farmers who want to escape the "horrific circumstances" they are forced to endure in their home country.

Peter Dutton's order came after an Austrialian media house ran an explosive article alleging that white farmers in South Africa are being murdered, tortured and having their land forcibly seized.

According to a report in the Telegraph, Dutton cited the "horrific circumstances" of land seizures as a reason for Australia to give white SA farmers preferential treatment.

The issue of land expropriation without compensation has been a hot topic in SA and abroad after Parliament gave the go-ahead for Section 25 of the Constitution to be amended to give effect to the ANC government's policy of expropriating land without compensation.

According to a land audit by the Department of Rural Development and Land Reform last year, whites own 72% of SA’s farm and agricultural land, with coloureds coming in at 15% and blacks at 4%.

Social media users condemned Dutton's statements, with some calling out Australia on its own human rights record.