Jacques Pauw is standing his ground in the face of pressure over his book on President Jacob Zuma.
Johannesburg - The author of the book “The President’s Keepers” says he has been receiving death threats.
Jacques Pauw said the most recent call took place last night, with the caller warning him to stop writing about President Jacob Zuma.
“I had two death threats on Saturday and I had quite a nasty one last night. I guess it comes with a book like this, there are some very unhappy people out there,” said Pauw on Tuesday while being interviewed on Morning Live.

“I was on the phone with Ronnie Kasirils discussing his new book, and a private number was coming through with someone trying to phone. At some point I said to Ronnie, ‘it might be the lawyers and I have to take the call’. And when I picked up the phone call some said to me ‘if you don’t stop writing anything about Jacob Zuma you are going to be dead.”
He said he was not worried about the threats.

Pauw’s book has rattled a few feathers especially within government agencies since it was published last week. The book details a trail of allegations against Zuma and his dealings with gangsters and businessmen.
The book alleges the Zuma received a R1 million salary for months, from businessman and ANC member Roy Moodley, after he was appointed President in 2009. It also alleges that Zuma did not submit tax returns for five years and had to be chased by SARS officials to do so.

Graphic: Rowan Abrahams
It is believed that Zuma’s appointment of Tom Monyane as SARS commissioner was a plan to ensure that he was protected.
The book also links Zuma, his children and ANC MP Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma to connections to cigarette dealers.
‘The President’s Keepers’ has sold thousands of copies since its release last week, the sales were also likely boosted by the State Security Agency and SARS’ legal threats to take the publishers of the book and Pauw to court for revealing personal tax information and to halt the book.

Pauw said he had always expected legal challenges against the book and that he and his publishers had consulted legal experts before the book was published.
Tuesday is the deadline that SSA gave Pauw to cease and desist publishing the book, Pauw said he awaits further action.

“Instead of withdrawing the book, we are printing more,” he said.
“We expected beforehand that there was going to be a legal challenge to the book, so I was not surprised with the State Security Agency sending us a letter on Thursday demanding that we remove the book within five days. They gave us five days to remove the book, and I believe that the five days expired last night. Now we await their next move,” said Pauw.

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