Deputy Minister in the Presidency, Obed Bapela

Public officials who know they have erred should admit their mistakes and vacate their positions, Deputy Minister in the Presidency Obed Bapela said on Sunday.

“We are saying let us build morals that say if one day I do wrong, I will be the first one to say publicly, I erred, I'm sorry, and leave the position,” he told the Moral Regeneration Movement in Boksburg on Sunday.

“Today we are wrong and we still continue in our position as if nothing has happened,” Bapela said at the end of moral regeneration month.

He said the country needed leaders with sufficient morals to admit their wrongs and allow better qualified people to take their positions.

He also said teachers played a critical role in socialising pupils at schools and that they should lead by example.

“It is only if teachers are willing to be at school, in class, on time ... that learners can also be at school, in class, on time respectful to teachers and learning.” - Sapa