Forum 4 Service Delivery members in Mamusa municipality, North West preparing for the by-election. Picture: Molaole Montsho

Schweizer-Reneke - Winning the elections starts with your family, the Forum 4 Service Delivery (F4SD) said on Monday.

"You must have the support of your family, you cannot expect people outside your family to vote for you, start with your son, your daughter and cousins...You must sit down with your family and tell them you are standing to be elected," party leader Mbahare Kekana told candidates in Schweizer-Reneke.

The party was preparing its election campaign ahead of the January 15 by-election.

The North West provincial government dissolved the council of Mamusa in October, after the municipality failed to improved even though it was put under administration.

"A candidate who wins a ward for F4SD will receive R100 000. It will be the first ward for us. I am a man of my words I deliver. After you won a ward, in seven days we will come to deliver the cheque. This is a commitment I made," Kekan said.

"Let us go and deliver those wards and serve the people."

He said the party was rooted in Mamusa and was confident they would do better in the January by-election.

"We are deep-rooted here. We were the official opposition and we want to retain our position if not taking the municipality."

In the dissolved council, the F4SD had three seats out of the 18-seat council. The African National Congress had 11 seats, Economic Freedom Fighters two seats, Democratic Alliance and the Freedom Front Plus each had one seat each.

Political parties in Schweizer-Reneke have started setting up their placards calling to be elected on January 15.

The Freedom Front Plus continued with its "fight back" slogan. A minimum of three placards were visible in every street lamp post in the town, while the ANC had one.

The  Economic Freedom Fighters, the Democratic Alliance and F4SD were yet to pull up their election posters.

F4SD was expected to unveil its candidates on December 10, the party is contesting all nine wards.

African News Agency (ANA)