Yagyah Adam.

Cape Town - The Cape Muslim Congress in Mitchells Plain has not promised free houses or essential services or to nationalise mines or banks.

The party’s leaders will, however, fight until the death penalty is reinstated for murderers and child molesters and for the sterilisation of violent criminals and alcoholics and drug addicts.

On Sunday, the party outlined its manifesto when it launched its election campaign at a mosque in Tafelsig.

”Unlike other parties” it intends to “keep it real” in Mitchells Plain.

Yagyah Adams said the CMC promised not to mislead people with promises of free houses, electricity and water or the nationalisation of mines and banks.

“We will not injure the few taxpayers with more taxes like e-tolling.”

The party would call for violent criminals, “hard-core drug and alcohol addicts to be sterilised”.

It would also call for the punishment of those who enriched themselves illegally.

It would reinstate the death penalty, end state corruption and the “wasting of billions of rand” which would be used for service delivery.

Adams said violent criminals should not be allowed to procreate. “A person who rapes children, why waste taxpayers’ money on rehabilitating those people?”

The party claims sterilisation could help to “alleviate the spiritual, mental and fiscal strain” on clinics and hospitals that perform multiple abortions on addicts who use abortion as a contraceptive method. “

By limiting their ability to reproduce, taxpayers will save billions on corrective health care, education, welfare grants and a range of other social issues.”

Adams told the Cape Argus he was not speaking from a moral or religious perspective, but from a fiscal, financial and statistical perspective.

“Since South Africa spends almost R1.5 billion to keep 150 000 people in prison every month, it costs R9 876.35 a month for each inmate.” - Cape Argus

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