The controversial DA Students Organisation (DASO) poster.
The controversial DA Students Organisation (DASO) poster.

CDP astounded by intolerance

By Time of article published Jan 31, 2012

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The Christian Democratic Party has expressed astonishment over intolerance of its view that a DA poster of a young couple embracing promotes sexual immorality.

“These people are like mindless zombies that have been impacted by liberal brainwashing that has swept over this nation like a wave-of-swill,” CDP spokesman Stanley Le Fleur said on Tuesday.

The poster, showing a mixed race couple without shirts embracing, and the payoff line “In OUR future you wouldn't look twice”, prompted the CDP to claim it promoted sexual promiscuity.

It described the poster as insulting to people with high moral values, saying it sent the wrong message in a country battling with levels of HIV/Aids, crime, and farm murders.

The “attack” on CDP leader Theunis Botha, who issued the original statement criticising the poster, contained foul language, “suggestive insinuations”, and betrayed the intellectual capacity of the writers, said Le Fleur.

“Never before in the history of this country have more people gone out of their way to prove their moral degeneration and to attack someone else's right to an own opinion.”

He said Botha did not mind because “men like him who dare to stand for their Christian values have always been prepared to be ostracised for their convictions”.

“But, no matter what efforts are made to silence the Christian voice, it will endure forever.”

Botha said later: “You get these sort of responses from people who think it is their mission to denigrate those who don't accept their politically correct views on certain things.

“People seem to think that if you have a Christian point of view and you believe in a Christian ethos you are from the dark ages and you need to come to the 21st century.”

On Times Live, one “Scribbles” wrote: “...Beelzebub could be tearing his way up from hell itself just at the thought of such a 'scandalous' and 'immoral' display of affection”.

“CrackerCracker” wrote: “Thanks Christian Democratic Party for reminding all fair-minded people how restrictive our existence would be if religion is allowed its way.”

Botha apologised for the link to farm murders made in his statement, explaining it was inadvertently inserted by the press officer working on a separate statement on the subject.

The poster drew an unexpected amount of comment and requests for interviews by international media, said DA Youth director Aimee Franklin.

“We certainly got a mixed reaction from people,” she said.

The DA's supporters were largely positive.

“On the other end of the spectrum, there were some comments that were quite horrific to say the least. People were quite shameless to share some very racist and intolerant views.” – Sapa

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