Farmworkers labour at a farm in Philippi. Picture: Tracey Adams/ANA

Johannesburg - Parliament's Constitutional Review Committee will from next month embark on extensive public consultation on the amendment of the Constitution to allow for expropriation of land without compensation. 

The public will be allowed to make oral and written submissions to the committee on their views of possibly amending section 25 of the Constitution.
Last month the majority of parties in Parliament voted overwhelming for amending the property clause in the Constitution to allow the government to expropriate land without compensation. The motion was brought by the EFF and was supported by the ANC and smaller parties.
The DA did not support the motion and the party has been outspoken against the resolution. The party has been criticised for sending messages to thousands of people warning them that the ANC and EFF were working together to “take people’s private homes”.

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The Constitutional Review Committee has been given until the end of August to hold public discussions and to also come up with recommendations.
“The committee is expected to engage in a public participation process in order to get the views of all stakeholders about the necessity and mechanisms for expropriating land without compensation,” said Parliament.
Advertisements for oral and written submissions will be published in April and the public will have a month to make submissions. Then the committee will visit three to four districts or municipalities per province.
The committee has also divided itself into two groups, one to deal with public hearings in the in-land provinces and another for the coastal provinces.
Public hearings will start on May 8 2018 in Limpopo and the Northern Cape and will end on June 22 in the Western Cape.

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