COPE unsure whether to accept Uys as member

By Time of article published Feb 10, 2009

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The Congress of the People (COPE) has denied accepting into its ranks Juan-Duval Uys, the man who attempted to resurrect the old National Party.

The controversial Uys last week announced that he had joined COPE, after deliberately allowing the NP's registration as a political party to lapse.

Instead of resurrecting the party of apartheid, Uys announced he was re-launching his own anti-crime website - and had joined COPE.

"The popular Crime Expo South Africa (CESA) is returning with an international campaign in more than 120 countries worldwide, exposing South Africa's killing fields with more than 50 killings of citizens and tourists each and every day," Uys said.

"A website (hosted and updated outside the borders of South Africa) that will allow ordinary South Africans to expose to the world the many killings in South Africa, uncensored and unedited, will be launched soon and is currently under construction.

"We are flooded by photos of victims of violent crime supplied by morgues, police detectives and family members of the murdered."

But Cope spokesperson Philip Dexter said today that Uys had not yet been accepted as a new member, and had been told that he would first need to present his ideas and who he represented.

Uys was also arrested in 2007 for allegedly being the mastermind behind a slanderous male prostitute blog.

He is also a former head of an organisation he named as the Gay and Lesbian Alliance, which some experts described as "non-existent", despite Uys's claims.

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