Criteria set for SABC interim board nominees

Published Jan 25, 2017


Cape Town - The communications portfolio committee said on Tuesday it wanted “proper people” who understand broadcasting and the country’s constitution to serve on the SABC’s interim board.

The committee is tasked with nominating five people to serve on the interim board. The board’s term of office will not be more than six months.

The previous board at the public broadcaster, which is subject to a probe by a parliamentary ad hoc committee, is without non-executive directors after all its members quit.

It is to be dissolved officially after the ad hoc committee finalises its work, but this has not stopped the communications portfolio committee from searching for members to serve on the interim board.

Although the committee was on Tuesday widely expected to discuss the names of nominees, it considered the criteria to be followed in the appointments and the process to be followed.

Committee chairperson Humphrey Maxegwana said in discussing the type of people to be appointed, they should look for certain qualities.“We have to have people who have knowledge of human resources. Issues of governance are critical. Those are things that messed up the SABC.”

Maxegwana also said people with relevant qualifications and those with the understanding of the broadcasting sector would be considered.

“Surely you need people with legal background so that on legal matters they are up to speed,” Maxegwana said.

The ANC’s Mziwamadoda Kalako said: “We must have people who understand the (Broadcasting) Act and the constitution to avoid the problems that happened in the past.”

While agreeing with the criteria, the DA’s James Selfe urged his colleagues to “think about proper people to serve on the board”.

The names of the nominees will be submitted to the chief whips forum.

This is aimed at reaching consensus among parties in an effort to speed up the appointment of the interim board.  

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