Cronin's comments misrepresented, says SACP

Jeremy Cronin

Jeremy Cronin

Published May 3, 2016


Durban - The SACP and its first deputy general secretary, Jeremy Cronin, have distanced themselves from the article, ‘Reinstate charges to help clear Zuma’ published on Monday, claiming that they had been “misrepresented”.

In the article written by a reporter at The Mercury, Cronin reportedly called for the reinstatement of the arms deal corruption charges against President Jacob Zuma to help him clear his reputation.

Last Friday, the Pretoria High Court ruled that it was irrational for former public prosecutor Mokotedi Mpshe to withdraw charges against Zuma in 2009.

The article quoted Cronin as saying: “As things stand, the charges should be reinstated.¦ Even if it was not his (Zuma’s) decision to withdraw the charges, as long as they hang over him, they impact him.”

In a statement on Monday, SACP spokesman Alex Mashilo said: “Comrade Cronin said Friday’s judgment had not made any finding against President (Jacob) Zuma. Rather, the finding was against advocate Mpshe. Comrade Jeremy Cronin added that this meant that the NPA was confronted with one of two possibilities - either to provide rational reasons for continuing not to proceed with charges against President Zuma, or to proceed with the charges.”

* The Mercury stands by its story.

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