Zwakele Mncwango File picture: Bongani Mbatha/ANA Picture
Durban - KwaZulu-Natal DA leader Zwakele Mncwango will be writing to eThekwini Municipality to call for an investigation into allegations of abuse of council resources by the ANC.

This comes after municipal car, NDM 7981, was seen leading a convoy in Glenwood calling for residents to join an ANC march on Tuesday.

Mncwango said there was a need to clamp down on ‘’rampant abuse of state resources’’.

“We get reports of municipal cars being used for non-municipal activities, but we never get the proof. For ANC gatherings you see municipal buses transporting people.

“It’s become a trend that tells us there is a high level of abuse of council resources for the benefit of the ANC and this time we have proof,” he said.

Mncwango said the incident was unfortunate as ratepayers were footing the bill.

“eThekwini Municipality must investigate who was driving the car as that constitutes misconduct. The employee must also tell us where the order to use a municipal car for ANC activities came from,” he added.

The IFP’s Blessed Gwala accused government structures of failing to control the abuse of state resources by the ANC. He said his party had decided to report such allegations to the public protector. “Before the 2016 local government elections, municipal vehicles of Uthukela district were campaigning for the ANC, with ANC stickers,” said Gwala.

But despite several requests for an investigation, with proof in the form of photos, Gwala said there had been no accountability.

“That is why we are saying corruption is right at their doorstep (ANC). Corruption comes from above. Reporting to government structures is a waste of time,” he said.

ANC eThekwini regional secretary Bheki Ntuli denied any knowledge of the activity, saying all ANC leadership was with President Jacob Zuma at the time the incident allegedly occurred.

Political analyst Protas Madlala said the phenomenon was a serious offence perpetrated deliberately by an immoral political party.

“The president did say the party was more important than the country so these are the results. They are depleting state resources by taking them away from where they are needed most,” Madlala said.

He said there was a thin line between party and state and that opposition parties should continue playing the oversight role in governance.

eThekwini communications referred queries to mayoral spokesperson Mthunzi Gumede who said the city was not aware of the matter and would investigate.

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