The DA still had a "baasskap" mentality, Independent Democrats leader Patricia de Lille said at her party's final election rally on Sunday. The ID is a likely coalition partner of the Democratic Alliance in the Western Cape after Aril 22, and is currently the second-largest party in the DA-led coalition that controls the City of Cape Town.

"The DA's problem is that they still have that baasskap mentality," De Lille told journalists at the rally, held at Delft on the Cape Flats.

"If you just stand up according to your rights and the Constitution, stand up for the people you represent, then they take it as an affront."

She said the DA had to learn that parties represented different constituencies.

"So if the ID stand up for our constituencies, it should not affect any coalition."

De Lille said though there would definitely be a coalition in the province after April 22, the ID had not yet discussed the issue with any other party.

"The ID has said to all the other parties, carry on with your campaigns: we are busy, we are not going to talk with anyone now about coalitions.

"Let us see what the outcome of the results is, then we will be ready to talk."

Earlier, she wiggled her hips and danced to the music of a band named the Rockets, as a hall full of orange-shirted ID supporters raised the roof with their cheers.

She also sang along with Abby James as James treated the rally-goers to a spirited performance of her popular song "Koekie".

De Lille told her audience it was not correct that voting for the ID would split the opposition vote, or was a wasted vote.

"On the contrary, when you vote for the ID you will be strengthening the opposition, because a vote for the ID will increase our representation in Parliament.

"So it's all nonsense to say you are wasting your vote," she told her audience.

She told journalists afterwards that both African National Congress president Jacob Zuma and DA leader Helen Zille had told voters not to waste their votes by supporting small parties.

She said it was "shocking" that two leaders who were supposed to understand the Constitution and respect people's choices in voting, could make such a claim.

"No vote is wasted in our country, because we have a proportional system," she said.

She said the ID's showing in the election would be determined by voter turnout.

"Voter turnout is going to play a major role. I hope it's not going to rain like it's raining today, because it will also keep people at home." - Sapa