Minister of Public Works and Infrastructure Patricia de Lille. Picture: David Ritchie/African News Agency/ANA

Durban - Amid the ongoing political woes of the Democratic Alliance (DA), the leader of the Good Party and Minister of Public Works and Infrastructure, Patricia de Lille, says her former party is on a path of self-destruction.

De Lille who resigned from the DA and as Cape Town mayor in October last year after engaging in several legal battles with the party said the best that could be done is to leave the party to do so without being interrupted and alone.

"I am not really interested in what is happening to the DA. The DA tried to destroy me and they failed and now they’re on a path of self-destruction, so it’s best we leave them alone," she said. 

Responding to Independent Media late on Thursday after the group's political desk, among other questions, asked her whether the recent ousting of the DA in pounding seats of two metros was a signal that the chickens are coming home to roost said the problems with the party were beyond that

She said according to her, the major undoing of the DA after losing Johannesburg and Tshwane on Wednesday and Thursday respectively, to the ANC, was because the party doesn't understand coalition politics. Instead of cooperating, she said the DA seeks total control of the other coalition partners. 

"The DA doesn’t understand that in coalition politics, not one single party received an outright majority and therefore you have to consult. The DA is not interested in coalitions, they’re only interested in acquisition to keep control," she added. 

The woes of the DA started when it picked up a fight with the EFF, a major coalition partner that played a major role in bringing it to power in hung municipalities after the August 2016 local government municipalities. 

Their differences worsened when an internal DA report in October questioned the coalition with the party of Julius Malema, citing ideology differences. 

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