Athol Trollip, mayor of the Nelson Mandela Bay metro. File photo
Johannesburg – The coalition government in Nelson Mandela Bay is stable, the leaders of the Democratic Alliance and the United Democratic said on Monday.

"All parties affirmed a commitment to the continuance of the coalition, and the coalition remains intact," they said in a joint statement after the meeting.

"The parties recommitted to govern in the best interests of the people of Nelson Mandela Bay, putting the people first and ensuring government is stable. A key priority for all four parties is to pass the upcoming 2017/18 Municipal Budget, and Integrated Development Plan, which we intend to do with unity."

A small committee comprising of members from each party to the coalition has been formed to keep communication open and to discuss matters within the coalition, they said.

"This committee will begin by considering the issues raised in NMB recently between the Mayor and Deputy Mayor. To this end, the ultimatum put to the United Democratic Movement to remove the Deputy Mayor has been withdrawn between the parties, and instead the small committee will resolve the matter."

On May 18, Deputy Mayor Mongameli Bobani, from the UDM, was recalled by Executive Mayor Athol Trollip who said the pubic health directorate had been a concern for a number of months, citing allegations of maladministration which were being investigated internally.

At the time, Trollip said that the process to have Bobani removed as the deputy mayor would be pursued through a motion at council, adding that situation had just become “untenable”.

The move follows months of simmering tension between the two who have been at loggerheads over a series of issues around governance and staff appointments.

However on Monday, the coalition government said that government would go from strength to strength.

"All parties affirmed the strength of our relations, and the importance of building the best relations between ourselves for the benefit of South Africa," they said. "The coalition in Nelson Mandela Bay is set to go from strength to strength."