Former Vlakplaas police commander Eugene De Kock was granted amnesty on for an attack on an alleged transit house for anti-apartheid activists in Botswana in December 1988.

Marthinus Ras, Johan Tait, Wilhelm Bellingan, Johan Hoffmann, Lawrence Haton, Nicholaas Vermeulen, Simon Radebe and Willem Nortje were also granted amnesty for the attack, the Truth and Reconciliation Commission said on Thursday.

The operation, carried out on December 12 1988, was conducted under the command of De Kock and his unit and members of the then SA Defence Force.

The TRC's amnesty committee found that the applicants had met the conditions of the Act in that they had made a full disclosure and that their actions were motivated by political considerations.

In the attack, Vlakplaas operatives destroyed a house in a village over the South African border. Two men were killed and Tawana Molema's home was destroyed after explosives placed on a wall were set off.

The TRC also granted amnesty to rightwing leader Petrus Johannes Rudolph for an attack on the British Embassy in Pretoria, incitement to attack the ANC, and for distributing a video recording encouraging the overthrow of the government in 1990.

The committee further granted amnesty to Christoffel Smith, Pierre Le Roux, Gert Otto and Hermanus van Staden for an explosion of a limpet mine in the parking area of J.G. Strydom Hospital in Johannesburg, and the theft of four United Nations 4x4 vehicles in Walvis Bay in 1990.

Four Durban security police were refused amnesty for their role in the abduction, unlawful detention and death of political activist Ntombikayise Kubeka in 1987.

Hendrick Botha, Johannes Du Preez, Casper Van Der Westhuizen and Lawrence Wasserman were further refused amnesty for their disposal of Khubeka's body and defeating the ends of justice.

Botha, Du Preez, Van Der Westhuizen and Wasserman failed to make a full disclosure, the TRC said.

Two other applicants were granted amnesty for defeating the ends of justice and abduction for the same incident.

Adrian Baker received amnesty in relation to the abduction and death of Khubeka and Simon Radebe for the abduction of Khubeka, the TRC said. - Sapa