LET THE RECORD SPEAK: Mayor Patricia de Lille says the only way she can be removed is if she’s not performing. Picture: David Ritchie/African News Agency/ANA

Cape Town - An axe may fall on City of Cape Town mayor Patricia De Lille as the Democratic Alliance (DA) caucus in a meeting voted in favour of a motion of no confidence in her.

DA caucus decided by an overwhelming majority of 84 votes to 59 and one spoilt vote that it has lost confidence in De Lille.

This comes after councillor Mercia Kleinsmith requested an urgent meeting with the DA caucus to discuss a motion of no confidence in De Lille.

Kleinsmith accused De Lille of disobeying caucus discipline and rules by proposing water tariffs during the previous council meeting.

She said De Lille’s behaviour during weeks “which she criticised the DA and its management‚ to the extent that it appears that she does not consider herself part of the DA or at least considers herself more important than it and above the rules of the party‚” said Kleinsmith.

She further accused her of contradicting DA policies and values‚ and disregarding instructions of DA leaders.

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Earlier this year, regional chairman Grant Twigg proposed a motion of no confidence in De Lille but was squashed by the DA’s federal executive.

ANC councillor Bheki Hadebe said they have already tabled a motion of no confidence in De Lille and are looking forward to engaging with the DA.

The council is expected to rule on a motion of no confidence in De Lille tabled by the ANC last month.

Embattled De Lille is facing backlash from her own party and the ANC. The ANC has mainly blamed De Lille for the water crisis in the province.

When allegations surfaced that she employs her friends and hides corruption within the the City of Cape Town, the ANC called for her removal.

The ANC has further accused her of using ratepayers’ money to upgrade her private estate.

The party has also stripped her of her powers to deal with drought issues. 

The deputy mayor Ian Neilsen and the Mayoral Committee member for Water, Informal Settlements and Waste Services, Councillor Xanthea Limberg have assumed overall political leadership and control of the City’s response plan.

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