President Jacob Zuma has welcomed a Constitutional Court judgment that has found that he and the National Assembly failed in their duty to uphold the countrys Constitution. File picture: Dumisani Sibeko

Pretoria – Calls for President Jacob Zuma to resign over the Constitutional Court finding that he breached the Constitution over the Nkandla matter continued on Sunday, with the SA National Defence Union (Sandu) saying it supported mass action to remove him from office.

“It is in Sandu’s opinion absolutely despicable that the president, as commander-in-chief of the SANDF [SA National Defence Force], has transgressed the very Constitution which the defence force, over which he holds command, is constitutionally charged with upholding,” the union said in a statement.

“It is equally rejectionable that Parliament, which is charged with overseeing that the SANDF upholds the Constitution, has aided and abetted the president in this unlawful deed which represents a complete sell-out of the values of a constitutional democracy.

“Given the ruling made, the president can no longer be considered a fit and proper person to remain the commander-in-chief of the SANDF, nor can any of the parliamentary members who so stubbornly protected him in his questionable endeavours against the public protector’s findings, be considered fit and proper persons to hold office as Members of Parliament,” the union said

Any reliance on the excuse of so-called bad legal advice was without any credibility, especially as the same people who in the Nkandla matter accepted the bad advice that the protector’s findings were non-binding, in many other matters implemented the protector’s findings as if bounded thereby.

These were also the same people, who for two years were told publicly by various legal experts that their advice and stance was unlawful and wrong in law in the Nkandla matter and then went even further to back an embarrassingly false and fraudulent report.

“How can those with unconstitutional dirt on their hands be expected to further oversee and or command the SANDF with integrity or any inkling of moral standing?

“Sandu, in the circumstances, calls on the commander-in-chief to be removed from his post and the parliamentary members to resign. Sandu supports any call for mass action and any other lawful means to remove President Zuma from office. This is not a political stance but a moral and constitutional stance in support of our constitutional democratic values of the rule of law.

“Sandu encourages all members of society, including soldiers, to participate in their private capacity and time in any lawful mass action campaigns which might be called to the end of lawfully recalling and or removing President Zuma from office,” the union said.