Former SAA board chairperson Dudu Myeni. File picture: Simphiwe Mbokazi/African News Agency (ANA)
Cape Town - Former SAA board chairperson Dudu Myeni has lodged a complaint against  one of the anchors at new satellite station, Newzroom Afrika,  and is demanding an apology.

In a letter to the Broadcasting Complaints Commission of South Africa  (BCCSA) Myeni said JJ Tabane, who hosts a current affairs show, had  early this month attacked her character by making false claims against  her.

Myeni said Tabane had told viewers that the former SAA board  chairperson must not be allowed to run anything and that she did not  have a CV.  She wants Tabane to apologise and retract his statement aired on June 5.

“JJ Tabane infringed on my right to dignity. His unfair, biased,  personal attacks were not an honest opinion. They are based on false  claims against me,” wrote Myeni to the BCCSA.

She said in the programme, called “Your View,” Tabane said she would  not make it, and Myeni would not even produce a CV, if she had one.

Myeni said this was false and demands that Tabane must back up this claim. 

She said the problems at SAA did not start with her as they had been  there for years. She said the airline was still beset with problems.

An article written by a commentator backs up this as it clearly states  that during the time of Coleman Andrews SAA was still struggling, and  the airline paid him millions of rand when he left, she wrote.

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