A wall is covered with ANC electoral posters in Wonderkop. FILE Photo: Skyler Reid


Witbank - African National Congress supporters in Witbank, Mpumalanga, began celebrating hours before voting stations were due to close at 9pm on Wednesday.

There was jubilation and celebration as music blared from vehicles covered in ANC flags in KwaGuqa township.

In one developed area of the township, voters clad in ANC T-shirts hung out of their car windows, while some stood up, peeking out from a convoy of convertible vehicles.

In another part of the township, a group of voters blockaded streets, singing struggle songs and dancing in the roads.

Some youths tried to make money amid the activity as they carried sand in wheelbarrows to close the massive potholes outside one voting station. They asked for small change in return.

Darkness in the informal settlement part of the township did not stop last-minute voters from heading to the polls.

The queues outside the make-shift voting tents continued to swell with less than two hours until the close of voting.

People stood under dim or non-functioning street lights as the queues grew with more potential voters returning from work.

Observing the proceedings was a group of ANC supporters who waved a large party flag next to the queue.

At another section, members of the ANC and members of the Economic Freedom Fighters tried to outdo each other in song. - Sapa