The ANC Western Cape leadership accompanied by Fikile Mbalula, the party's head of elections has announced that former premier Ebrahim Rasool will be the head of the ANC’s Western Cape elections campaign. Picture Cindy Waxa/ANA

Cape Town - Former Western Cape Premier Ebrahim Rasool has been announced as the head of the ANC’s Western Cape elections campaign. 

Fikile Mbalula, ANC head of elections, announced the party’s ambitions to win back the Western Cape in the 2019 elections.

Mbalula said when Rasool was premier in the province, there was a focus on poor unlike with the DA leadership. The ANC lost the province to the DA in the 2009 elections.


The Western Cape has been facing a water crisis, and Mbalula said the ANC would use that as selling point to voters in the run-up to the election. The ANC has often criticised the DA for its handling of the water crisis.

Mbalula said Rasool had warned the DA about the water crisis. 

“People in the Western Cape have said that the ANC has ignored their cries when it comes to water crisis. The disallocation of resources from the poor to rich areas is a serious social hazard,” said Mbalula.

The ANC is also placing focus on the division between black people and coloured people in the province. Mbalula said there has been campaign to draw division between the two groups.

“Rasool will work with a team that will be accountable to the ANC leadership. Black and coloured people must feel like they belong in the province. There is a catastrophe that has pitted races against one another,” he said.

ANC Western Cape secretary Faiez Jacobs said the theme for the preparation for the elections is “unity and renewal”. 

Rasool said: “The ANC’s renewal comes at the same time as the DA is imploding. For those who left the ANC, come back. We are calling you for the campaign of your life”.

The former premier quoted opinion polls that stated that the ANC sits at about 51% in the Western Cape. This is a contrast to the 2009 elections where the ANC received only 31.55% in the Western Cape. 

The DA received 51,46% of the vote share in the province.

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