Chassis meets body at the Mercedes-Benz plant in East London and another C-Class is born. Picture: supplied

East London - The Eastern Cape government must stop focusing on celebrating its dependency on auto industry, says political analyst Professor Somadoda Fikeni. 

Fikeni gave an independent assessment of government performance on Monday at the the Eastern Cape provincial lekgotla in East London which was closed to the media. Delegates spent most of the second day in discussion groups, discussing the ways to tackle various issues that were raised during lekgotla presentations. 

Speaking to the media at the East London International Convention Centre, Fikeni said some of the challenges that are facing the Eastern Cape were caused by lack of economic diversify in the province, which has great potential in tourism, agriculture and rural development. 

"There are other areas with great potential in the Eastern Cape like tourism," he said. "If they can build infrastructure and package the rich heritage which most provinces do not have but we simply not doing that at the moment."

Fikeni said the provincial government must focus on attracting investors to create opportunities for those it seeks to bring home. 

"Eastern Cape is one of the diasporic provinces. Some people that you are going to lobby are on key positions elsewhere, government must make sure that there is focus to get resources, getting early information on investment opportunities for those people working with those that are in the province." said Fikeni.

He also said that government need to support revival of rural economy, so that money can circulate within the rural community before it goes to the city.

- African News Agency (ANA)