EFF Commissars (from left to right) Thembi Msane, Mandisa Mashego, Mpho Marolane, and Delisile Ngwenya at the second National People’s Assembly Conference at Nasrec. Picture: Nhlanhla Phillips/African News Agency(ANA).

An army "to defend the continent from imperialism and remove undemocratically elected African government" should be created, including "an aggressive push to isolate" eSwatini King Mswati's monarchy. 

These were some of the resolutions taken by the EFF on international relations as the organisation ramps-up its ideal of a "United States of Africa", with accusations that King Mswati was enriching himself at the expense of the impoverished majority in eSwatini.

On Monday on the last day of the EFF's second National People's Assembly (NPA), its equivalent of a national conference, the organisation argued for the establishment of an African army and the rejection of continental institutions such as the AU. 

"No foreign military forces must be allowed to intervene in African issues. This force (African army) must be deployed to defend the continent from imperial forces, and remove undemocratic governments on the continent," said Thembi Msane, a member of the EFF's central command team (CCT). 

The CCT is the EFF's highest decision-making body between conferences. 

Msane said the creation of the African military force will assist in rebuking "the narrative that Africans cannot govern themselves". 

"We also resolved for the establishment of an African court for human rights. Decisions of the African court should be binding, and African governments which do not adhere to its decisions should be isolated," Msane said. 

On eSwatini, Msane said King Mswati sat in international bodies with other African countries, which should isolate him for what the EFF said was his penchant for acquiring luxury assets like jets and cars, at the expense of his people. 

The EFF has also argued for the adoption for one common African language, which Msane said should be Swahili, "to be introduced in schools on the continent". 

This correlates with EFF leader Julius Malema's position on language when he gave the opening address at the NPA on Saturday. 

"You even encourage your children to learn foreign languages and show them off to your house guest. 

"We must encourage our children to speak other African languages. Stop this nonsense of teaching our children Chinese... They must learn Swahili," Malema had charged. 

When Msane was asked whether the EFF would be able to get its resolutions through, considering that it is only the third-largest party in South Africa's

Parliament, the CCT member alluded to the land debate, saying it was EFF policy and motion which led to the committee to amend the constitution for the expropriation without compensation. 

The NPA closes on Monday afternoon. 


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