EFF drafts motion to impeach President Cyril Ramaphosa

EFF at the National Assembly

EFF at the National Assembly

Published Jun 14, 2024


Moments before the nominations for President-elect got under way the EFF's Floyd Shivambu told the newly-elected Speaker of the National Assembly, Thoko Didiza, his party had sent through a letter requesting to invoke the impeachment against President Cyril Ramaphosa in relation to the Phala Phala saga.

“We have also delivered the hard copy letters to you now so you can pay attention to this now,” he said.

In the letter, the EFF submitted an urgent draft resolution in accordance with rule 119 of the National Assembly Rules which read: "a member may propose a subject for discussion, or a draft resolution for approval as a resolution of the House, with or without a debate".

The letter explained that the current independent panel on the Phala Phala matter was tabled on November 30.

It further stated that it noted that the independent panel found that there was a prima facie case for the impeachment against Ramaphosa and that a full impeachment committee should be established.

The letter further stated while it recognised the National Assembly debated the report and voted against the establishment of an impeachment committee on December 13, 2022, members who voted against the committee cited the court challenge by Ramaphosa to set the report of the panel aside.

It also recognised the Constitutional Court's refusal to hear Ramaphosa challenge the report and dismissed his application in March 2023.

Ramaphosa has stated he will not be pursuing further legal challenges pertaining to the report.

But, the EFF said it acknowledged the report is an authoritative report on the matter and that any failure by Parliament to process the report further by establishing an impeachment committee would be an abrogation of the duties bestowed upon Parliament by the Constitution.

The party further stated there was nothing prohibiting Parliament from reviving the process.

Speaker Thoko Didiza said the matter would need to be deliberated upon as there was a process by the sixth administration.

“Once we’ve considered your letter we will give you a response on how the seventh administration will proceed with the matter,” she said. Adding that the proceedings would continue.

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