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Johannesburg - They put a yellow ANC T-shirt on the floor ground with a picture of a smiling bespectacled Jacob Zuma on the front.

Some then started singing and a few joined in the song.

Then just as suddenly as the song had started a woman started jumping up on the shirt, especially on the face smiling on the T-shirt.

After she had jumped to the point of exhaustion, a man took over, singing and jumping on the T-shirt then kicking it.

By the time the woman and the man were done jumping, the smiling face was filled with dirt.

This is what some members of the Economic Freedom Fighters who had gathered at the Mary Fitzgerald Square in Newtown on Tuesday morning did to show their absolute dislike for president Zuma.

The members gathered at the square before their march to the Constitutional Court which the EFF approached with regards to Zuma's Nkandla matter.

A few minutes later, other members who were singing and marching around the square took the very same shirt.

Holding it up in the air they sang, “We want our money back, there's gonna be trouble in parliament”.

Meanwhile, the ANC Youth League has reportedly threatened to disrupt the EFF's march.

Just before 4am on Tuesday morning, Alice Tshwane got into the bedroom where her 13 and 10 year old children where sleeping in Tafelkop, Limpopo.

She woke them up.

Looking into their still sleepy faces she told them that she was about to leave for Joburg to support the EFF.

Tshwane, who's know as “The Mother of Fighters” in the EFF because she had recruited many members after she quit the ANC, said her children knew that she came here to fight for them.

The 46-year-old mother of three said as her husband left for work, her eldest son who is 23 years old was the one who helped get the younger ones for school.

“I told my children that the way they live now is not ideal. If we struggle now it means it will be worse when they are older. Today asijiki (we are not going back). We are on this long haul with Malema; the only way they can stop us is if they shoot us,” she said.

Another EFF member who did not want to be identified said she also left her six children back at home as they understood that she was trying to fight for them and their better future.

The 53-year-old woman said she is a former ANC woman and just like Tshwane, she had quit the party as she has been disillusioned at the direction it was taking.

“I loved the ANC wholeheartedly but they kept on doing thing I did not like, just like what Zuma is doing now. But I stayed because I loved it. Just like a woman would stay in an abusive relationship because she loves her partner. However, one day she will wake up and realise that 'this is s**t' then leave. That's why I also left because I could no longer stay although I was unhappy that what was happening was not what Mandela envisioned for South Africa.”

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