Billionaire businessman Johann Rupert was being interviewed by Given Mkhari on Power FM’s Chairman's Conversation. Picture: Itumeleng English/African News Agency (ANA)

Johannesburg - The EFF says it is pleased that businessman Johann Rupert has been exposed as an “arrogant white Afrikaner” following his interview where he was accused of being racist and arrogant. 

Rupert was being interviewed on Power FM’s Chairman's Conversation on Tuesday and immediately people went on social media and expressed their disapproval of how the businessman spoke to host Given Mkhari. 

He was accused of using tribalist slurs and underplaying the hard work of black people. 

His most controversial comment was: "That's the reason. In a sense, the Afrikaner was downtrodden. The poor white question, but they were driven. They studied like crazy, they saved like crazy. They didn't go and buy BMWs and hang around at Taboo or The Sands [upmarket clubs] all the time". 

The EFF has long criticised Rupert and accused him of being part of the “Stellenbosch mafia” which is believed, by some, to be a small group of white people that hold the majority of the country’s wealth. Rupert denied these claims during the interview. 

The party said it had long warned about Rupert and said it noted comments he made about his influence in the taxi industry, even though it does not provide evidence of these links. 

“The EFF is pleased that finally the ultimate face of white privilege has been exposed for the whole country and our people to see. Johann Rupert is an arrogant white Afrikaner who sees nothing beyond his selfish racist white capitalist interests,” said the party. 

Rupert denied that his family had benefited from apartheid but he admitted that his father was a member of the Afrikaner Broederbond. 

Social media users expressed their disapproval with some calling out Mkhari for giving Rupert the platform to insult black people.