Economic Freedom Fighters wants to remove Rustenburg Mayor Mpho Khunou through a motion of no confidence. Picture: African News Agency/ANA

Rustenburg - The Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) staged a walk during a Rustenburg city council meeting on Tuesday claiming the meeting was not properly convened

This was after other opposition parties supported a move that the council meeting continue, despite objections from the EFF and the Forum 4 Service Delivery (F4SD) that two new items being added to the council agenda was against the rules.

Abinaar Matlhoko of the EFF said his party would not be part of an illegal meeting.

"The EFF will take legal actions against the decision of this meeting," he said.

Pogiso Bothamane of the Forum 4 Service Delivery (F4SD) said three members of the party would remain in council and he (Bothomane) would leave.

The other parties agreed that the meeting was properly convened and should proceed.

The EFF and F4SD said the ruled dictate that new items could not be added to the agenda of an adjourned meeting.

"This meeting carries the same agenda as the adjourned meeting and rules require that no new items should be added. The rules also state that a special council meeting can be convened within 24 hours,"  Pogiso Bothomane said.

The EFF was expected to table its motion of no confidence in mayor Mpho Khunou.

The EFF believe Khunou has lost control and leadership of the municipality, claiming he was being relegated to merely being a bench warmer by the accounting officer/administrator and failed to steer the municipality into the right direction.

"The Rustenburg local municipality is technically under financial bankruptcy and always operated with a surplus in its books. The executive mayor ought to be held accountable for the zero balance to which the municipality is operating on," read the motion.

A council meeting on July 30 was adjourned after the  F4SD walked out of the meeting and the EFF banged on tables demanding that their motion of no confidence in the mayor must be part of the agenda.

The meeting collapsed and was rescheduled for August 13.

African News Agency/ANA