Cape Town - 150212 - EFF supporters listen to Godrich Gardee after the EFF was forcibly removed from the National Assembly during the 2015 State of the Nation Address. Picture: David Ritchie

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Cape Town - The Economic Freedom Fighters has rattled Pagad’s anti-drug cage over their stance on the legalisation of dagga, with the anti-drug and gang organisation now threatening to reconsider their allegiance with the party.

The EFF and Pagad formed the United Front Against Gangsterism and Drugs last August, vowing to work together in the war on drug cartels and crime syndicates.

At the time, Pagad’s national co-ordinator said they reserved the right to reassess the relationship if the EFF was found to have compromised the organisation’s principles.

In a letter to EFF secretary-general Godrich Gardee, Pagad said it valued the close working relationship with the EFF and others to eradicate gangsterism, drugs and all other forms of crime, but requested clarity from the EFF leadership on their stance on the Cannabis Control Bill and the Relinquish Dagga Law Bill.

Pagad’s concerns stem from debate in the National Assembly last year on the legalisation of cannabis.

“It is our understanding that the EFF proposes for the legislation of cannabis. Pagad is not against the proposed nationalisation of cannabis for medicinal use only. Dagga is a drug which intoxicates people and will further destroy our country. Pagad stands firmly against any form of intoxication,” the letter states.

Pagad wrote that it could not support or work with any organisation that promoted the recreational use of dagga or other drugs.

The organisation was “certain” most South Africans would not support the legislation of cannabis for recreational use, and added that the daily killings, muggings, robberies, break-up of homes, child abuse and domestic violence were largely the result of dagga use.

It urged the EFF’s leadership to reconsider its stance on the matter.

Gardee could not be reached for comment.

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