EFF leader Julius Malema has shed his brash and rugged persona along with some weight and in the process built an attractive brand for young voters, but will that be enough to make a valuable dent in the ANC's votes tally come 2019?
Durban - The  Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) is hoping to leave its mark in KwaZulu-Natal as it prepares to host its 4th anniversary celebration at Curries Fountain stadium on 29 July. 

The festivities will kick off at 10 am.

The EFF was started by former African National Congress Youth League (ANCYL) President Julius Malema and his allies following their expulsion from the party. 

The party then announced its formation on July 27, 2013 in Soweto and by 2014, claimed to have over half a million members.  

It is also currently the third largest party in Parliament. 

Speaking of the upcoming anniversary was EFF KwaZulu-Natal member Vukani Ndlovu, who invited the public to join the organisation in celebrating four years since its formation. 

Ndlovu said that preparations are going very well, and that the party is on a daily drive to invite people to be part of the celebrations.

“The entire leadership of the EFF is here in KZN, we are mobilising everywhere” says Ndlovu.

Ndlovu says there will be live entertainment at Saturday's celebrations, and also a speech by the “future President of South Africa” Julius Malema.

He added by saying that they will also the occasion as a show of strength, both to the  people of KwaZulu-Natal as well, as the entire nation. 

Ndlovu also mentioned that the EFF is branching out in KwaZulu Natal, particularly in eThekwini.

“If the stadium comes to full capacity, it will tell you that the EFF is growing in eThekwini” he explained.

When asked what’s unique about this year’s anniversary, he stated that it is significant as a build-up to the national elections in 2019 and a chance to begin rebuilding  the EFF in the province.

“We want to rebuild all structures in KwaZulu-Natal,  to make sure that all  activists and people that love EFF can come and be part  of the organization” he added.

Ndlovu believes that they they are growing as an organization, he says they are the “future of politics” in South Africa. He added by saying that they are hoping to leave a mark and inspire the people in KZN.

In talking about what the EFF president's speech will focus on, Ndlovu says Malema will be giving directions regarding financial crisis in the country. 

He concluded by saying that Malema’s speech will also about the vote of no confidence to the corrupted Zuma.

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