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Thursday, December 7, 2023

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Election results are in the cards

DURBAN 30-04-2014 Minaxie Gihwala how is the fortune taller. Picture: S'bonelo Ngcobo

DURBAN 30-04-2014 Minaxie Gihwala how is the fortune taller. Picture: S'bonelo Ngcobo

Published May 5, 2014


Durban - Wondering what the fifth general elections have in store? Well it’s all in the cards. The Daily News sat down with fortune teller and psychic Minaxie Gihwala (MG) for a tarot card reading to predict Wednesday’s election results.

MG picked up a card she said represented a marriage that was not working. She said with so many new political players and people who were fed up, the ANC would lose votes.

“The ANC definitely will not win enough votes to give them a two-thirds majority,” said the former lawyer.

Although she sees strength for the ANC, she also pulled up a card indicating disappointment.

“They will feel let down, that the people they depended on let them down.

“With all the smaller parties doing so well, the ANC is going to have to fight really hard. They will have to jack up their act to maintain dominance.”

Excitement and historical sentiment would be less of a factor in this poll than previously, with voters more involved and thoughtful.

The “hand of God” card indicated new beginnings and young energy in the ANC. This would lead to major upheaval in the leadership of the party as the older generation walked away, realising it was time to call it a day.

She also predicted joy and celebration, and an upset from Julius Malema and his Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF).

For Malema, MG picked up the “wheel of fortune”, but warned that the firebrand would have to temper himself and calm down for people to realise he had a lot to offer.

The death card came up twice in Malema’s reading, but MG said this did not mean doom and gloom for the EFF leader because she drew the card - guided by her spiritual self - in combination with others.

Rather, it meant the death of the old, “over-the-top” Malema to be replaced by a more calm, mature Malema who realises that for him to be taken seriously, he needs to be serious.

About the EFF, MG said “they will fare a lot better than people expect”.

“Opportunities are knocking on Malema’s door; he will be made some serious offers and manoeuvre into a partnership as I do not see him alone for very long. He will have to somewhat part with the typical Malema identity and sell his soul somewhat to get to where he ultimately wants to be.

“The death card means his fate will turn out of the dark and into the light. The man is a magician.”

Minority Front leader, Shameen Thakur Rajbansi, would change the way the party is run from when it was led by her late husband, Amichand Rajbansi.

MG predicted there would be a lot of shuffling as Thakur-Rajbansi throws out people who have given her trouble.

This will make way for new liaisons as she forges new relationships which will see her doing better than expected.

“Karmically, the universe is smiling on her. The justice card shows that whatever she is hoping to achieve she will.”

The “world card” came up for the IFP, signifying new leadership after the election which will see an end to Mangosuthu Buthelezi’s 39-year reign.

This may also be the case with the DA. Although MG predicted they will give the ANC a run for its money, she was drawn to the first dark card of the reading.

“The DA is feeling frustrated, they are under a lot of pressure. Their house is on fire, there is a lot of internal strife but this will not mean their demise.

“They will get their own share, but the DA is the most pressurised - there is a lot more trouble.”

The “lover’s card” brings some positivity for the DA. “This means people will rally around them.

“They think they are not making progress but they are, they just can’t see it because their house is on fire and they need to get out.”

MG said the DA had known for some time it needed to make changes within its ranks, but it has left it too late for the coming election.

“They were sitting there with blinkers on, thinking it was going to fix itself. They are running out of time.”

As for the new leadership, MG said she felt a strong foreign energy around the person who would lead the DA after the election.

Perhaps Lindiwe Mazibuko, who studied overseas? Only time will tell.

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