Elections 2024: ‘IEC must be taken to task,’ - protest outside Western Cape IEC saying elections were not free and fair

Parties in the Western Cape call on the IEC to not declare the elections free and fair. Picture: Screenshot

Parties in the Western Cape call on the IEC to not declare the elections free and fair. Picture: Screenshot

Published Jun 1, 2024


Western Cape police on Saturday said it would continue policing the elections after a peaceful protest at the provincial results centre calling for the Electoral Commission of South Africa (IEC) to not declare the elections free and fair.

Various parties have written to the IEC to saying there were too many inconsistencies.

“We must call on the IEC not to declare the elections free and fair tomorrow as it was not,” Faizal Sayed from the Allied Movement for Change (AM4C) said on Saturday on social media.

Western Cape police said after the protest at the results centre in Century City, no arrests had been made.

“A non violent protest action outside the ROC in Century City was monitored by Public Order Police today. No action has been taken and no one has been arrested,” spokesperson Colonel Andrè Traut said.

“The small group of protesters dispersed peacefully this afternoon. Policing of the 2024 General Elections will continue.”

In a live posted to Facebook, Sayed said they have raised the issues with the IEC in the interest of democracy.

“We are raising our voices in the interest of democracy,” he said.

Addressing detractors on social who said they were “sour” because of the outcome, Sayed said that was not the case.

Africa Restoration Alliance (ARA) leader Jerome Swartz said election fraud was committed. He said that the party had more that 60,000 active members in the Western Cape alone.

“Being under 10,000 is plain ridiculous. It is fraud, we do not accept the elections. ”Therefor we are entering a legal battle with the IEC,“ Swartz said in a video on the party’s Facebook account.

He said the party in the Western Cape lodged objections.

“This is shocking. This is embarrassing.. There were so many irregularities.”

He claimed there were instances where ballot papers were taken out of black bags and put in the ballot boxes and instances where ballot boxes were opened coming from the presiding officer’s house.

“Our votes have been stolen by the DA and given to the PA,” he said.

Speaking of other cases he said, “This is blatant robbery and we will not rest until this is sorted.

Echoeing Swartz’s sentiments, Sayed said the A4C and various other parties received communication from voters who said they voted for the parties, however when the numbers at the particular voting stations were checked the number of votes were zero.

“Now how did it happen that it says zero? Those are the inconsistencies that we need to look at, that needs to be interrogated,” he said.

“The IEC must be take to task for that. We are not going to settle down because of the issues... It is not a futile issue. We must understand the depth of this issue.”

Various parties in the Western Cape drafted a letter to the IEC to open the window for objections, stating that there were too many objections.

In a letter drafted to the IEC, the parties asked for an extension to raise objections.

With 100% of the results captured in the Western Cape provincial legislature, the DA got the majority with 55.29% (1,088,303), the ANC received 19.55% (384,853 votes) and the PA received 7.80% (153,607).

EFF — 5.3%

CCC —2.38%

FF Plus — 1.45%

AlJama — 1.3 %

ACDP — 1.29%

GOOD — 1.13%

MK — 0.57%

Rise — 0.51%

ARA —0.42%

BOSA — 0.41%