Elections 2024: Soshanguve youth snub elections as elderlies come out in numbers



Published May 29, 2024


As the elderly made their way to voting stations, most of the unhappy youths in Soshanguve decided not to take part in the elections saying they don’t see a reason to vote.

Most voting stations in Soshanguve block GG were occupied by elderly people while the youth was loitering on the streets.

Speaking to IOL, Bafana Nhlapho, 25, said he’s an ANC supporter but he’s not happy with their leadership.

“According to history, ANC has done a lot for black people our parents were liberated by the ANC but ANC died when Nelson Mandela died, the leaders we have now are not doing anything for us. I would support the EFF but I’m not happy with them wanting to open our borders to foreigners, so ill keep my vote until I find the right party to vote for,” he said.

Tebogo Baloyi, 25, said he didn’t vote because for him it was a waste of time.

“These people don’t care about us, they only know us when they want our votes, all the things that they said during their rallies, it was just lies, we all know politicians lie to get votes.

“Most of us are unemployed, when they create jobs they only create these piece jobs where they pay us peanuts and hire us on contracts and then after six months its back to unemployment. But they occupy ministerial positions for years and years and don’t even have a retiring age.

“Politicians make me angry, they are greed, they don’t care about us, theirs is to fill their pockets, enrich their children, families, friends and relatives while the rest of us live in poverty. I’m not crazy, I won’t vote,’’ he said.

Echibini Secondary School in block GG Soshanguve was less busy after most youths abstained from voting. Photo:Sinenhlanhla Masilela/IOL

Meanwhile, Boipelo Tau said she went to vote and she wants the ruling party to stay in power.

“I went to vote because I still want the ruling party to stay in power because I’m happy with their leadership. I’m just not happy with the party that’s ruling Tshwane, they have neglected our township and its dirty, I hope we get a different political party,” she said.

When asked about coalitions, Tau said she didn’t support the idea of coalitions because they end up failing.

“These political parties have different policies which makes it hard for them to agree on certain things and they end up fighting which then compromises service delivery, so its best to have one ruling party so that when they fail, we know who to blame,” she said.

An elderly resident, Nthabiseng Motau, said she will never miss an opportunity to vote.

“I love ANC and what it has done for me. I'm 65 years old and I know what the ANC has done for us. I will never abandon it, nothing will convince me otherwise. ANC will stay with me until I die,’’ she said.