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File photo: African News Agency (Ana) Archives

#Elections2019: Psychic predicts shift at May poll

By Hein Kaiser Time of article published Apr 20, 2019

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The outcome of next month’s election is anyone’s guess. Who will be the big winners, the largest losers and what of the outfield players on the fringes of party politics?

Durban based psychic and spiritualist Mystic Margo lifted the curtain on the opaque science of politicking to reveal some fascinating predictions.

“The ruling party will win the election,” says Margo, “albeit by a narrow margin this time. There seems to be a tug of war inside the party which could, during its next term in office, split the organisation beyond repair.”

She said there seemed to be a "hidden" or third force at work from within to amplify the conflict within the party.

“I sense the ANC may have to approach opposition parties in certain instances to maintain a semblance of power or in an attempt to hang onto it.”

In particular, she mentions the EFF and the DA as possible bedmates to the ruling party in marginal provinces or, she suggests, even nationally.

“I sense this is the last election, as things stand, that the ANC may win.”

Big gains in the forthcoming election will go to the EFF, notes Margo.

“I believe Julius Malema is highly effective in mobilising the youth, who have become completely disenfranchised by the current regime. The party’s power lies in its appeal of self-interest as opposed to simply trading on policy.

"Conversely, under the leadership of Mmusi Maimane, the DA will lose support in favour of smaller parties who are not simply against the ANC but have publicised policy and discourse beyond simply being anti-ruling party as a basis for campaigning.

“I sense we also have a surprise coming in the shape of a smaller party making significant gains this time around,” she adds. “But it’s not Patricia de Lille’s Good party nor the Purple Cow also known as the South African Capitalist Party. I am shown they might flounder at the ballot. This entity is led by a man and while left field as an unexpected result, will be a significant litmus gauging the mood of the electorate.”

And the mood is sombre.

“We can expect a turbulent period of protest with fringe organisations making their voices heard through the muck.

"More marches more often will be the order of the day until the ruling party either disintegrates or rights itself. My guides show me South Africa is in for a turbulent political period post the elections, and not only on the ruling party side."

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