By Kristen van Schie

Steyn van Ronge, a southern Free State farmer, was introduced to the media on Tuesday as the new leader of the AWB during a press conference at Eugene Terre'Blanche's suburban home in Ventersdorp.

"The line is drawn. Enough is enough. We will not go forward like this anymore," Van Ronge said.

"We will not allow white farmers to be murdered."

Van Ronge claimed that thousands of people had applied to become AWB members since the murder of Terre'Blanche and said the organisation was developing a security plan to fight farm murders.

He wouldn't elaborate, but said it would be within the law.

The organisation would, however, not take responsibility for individual members deciding to avenge Terre'Blanche's death, nor their reaction to inflammatory statements by ANC Youth League leader Julius Malema, or the government's "slow response to crime".

Early reports suggested an election for a new leader would take place on May 1. But Van Ronge said the executive council felt "the quicker we get a new leadership structure, the better".

Van Ronge, who has been an AWB member for more than 20 years, was elected by the organisation's executive council at a meeting Tuesday afternoon.

He described the murder of Terre'Blanche as inhumane and said the organisation would not allow such an incident to happen again.

Van Ronge said Terre'Blanche's wife Martie was with her family and "holding up well under the circumstances".

Thousands of people were expected at Terre'Blanche's funeral service at the Afrikaans Protestant Church in Ventersdorp on Friday morning, he said.

He would be buried on his farm outside the town afterwards.

Van Ronge was speaking outside Terre'Blanche's Ventersdorp house in front of an ox-wagon on the stoep, while three German Shepherds played on the lawn. - Additional reporting by Sapa