Eskom power lines in Johannesburg. Picture: Bhekikhaya Mabaso

Johannesburg - Eskom has fired its suspended head of legal Suzanne Daniels, following a disciplinary hearing.  

Advocate Nazir Cassim SC, who chaired the disciplinary hearing, found that Daniels had "committed serious misconduct and breached her duty of good faith, trust and confidence to Eskom". 

The hearing began in May and Cassim has recommended that she be dismissed. 

Eskom said it has communicated the findings and recommendations to Daniels. 

"Eskom has considered the recommendation of Adv. Cassim and has accepted it, and a letter from Eskom confirming the sanction of summary dismissal as recommended by Adv. Cassim has already been sent to Ms Daniels," said Eskom in a statement on Friday. 

She was placed on suspension in March by the new Eskom board and was charged with; distribution of confidential Eskom property interest to a third party, her involvement in the McKinsey and Trillian transactions and her involvement in the Tegeta transactions. 

Daniels was suspended last year by Eskom's previous board for a team building exercise she organised and for asking that letters of demand be sent to McKinsey and Trillian Capital to pay back monies received without valid contracts. 

Daniel was seen as a "whistle-blower" after she testified in front of Parliament's inquiry into Eskom where she detailed the influence the Gupta family had at Eskom. 

The CCMA awarded her a five months' pay compensation for her illegal suspension and stated that she be allowed to return to work.