Pieter Groenewald from the Freedom Front+. Picture: Jennifer Bruce/African News Agency (ANA) Archives

Johannesburg - The Freedom Front Plus (FF Plus) has warned that the registration of the Black First Land First (BLF) as a political party without following procedures could have consequences for the elections.

"This could have an impact on the allocation of seats in Parliament and in certain legislatures after the elections," FFP leader Pieter Groenewald said on Monday.

Groenwald was addressing the media in Parliament on the next steps they would take in their fight to have BLF deregistered.

Last week, the Electoral Court found that the Independent Electoral Commission (IEC) erred when it did not publish the party's registration in the government gazette in 2016.

It ordered chief electoral officer Sy Mamabolo to publish the decision to register BLF as a party in order to allow objections.

Groenewald said his party still contend that BLF registration was unlawful and its participation in the May 8 general elections was also unlawful.

He said they have sent a lawyer's letter to the IEC asking when the commission would comply with the court order to publish the BLF registration so that appeal can start.

"The FF Plus will proceed to lodge an appeal against the BLF's registration as soon as the notice appears on the government gazette. The party will not just let the matter go," Groenewald said.

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