2009/10/13.Jaco Mulder of the Fredom Front Plus expresses his disappointment after the Pretoria High court ruled in the favour of Tshwane Metro Council.Picture: Masi Losi

Johannesburg - Freedom Front Plus leader in Gauteng Jaco Mulder announced his retirement from active politics on Monday.

“After many discussions with my family, friends and roleplayers over a period of time I have come to the conclusion that the most appropriate time would be now, following the elections and before the new term takes effect,” Mulder said.

“I have for the past 20 years vigorously served the party and the cause for which the FF Plus has stood, since February 2003 as leader of the party in Gauteng and later as a member of the Gauteng legislature.”

Mulder would not be taking up the party's seat in the provincial legislature.