On Saturday President Jacob Zuma delivered his final speech as the president of the ruling African National Congress at the opening session of the party's 54th national elective conference. Here are five highlights from his speech:

State Capture

Let me emphasise that we need to find ways of protecting the ANC from corporate greed and ensure that the decisions we take are informed by the policies of the ANC and are not dictated to by business interests.  

Already we have received threats that the ANC will implode and the economy will collapse if certain outcomes arise from this conference, be it conference resolutions on the economy or the leadership elected, if these are not those favoured by business. 

Radical Economic Transformation

The land question is a fundamental issue that the ANC needs to resolve and is a key factor in the transformation programme.  This ultimate natural resource must be distributed in an equitable manner while enhancing its productivity and ensuring food security.

Corruption in the Private Sector

Theft and corruption in the private sector is as bad as that in government and must be dealt with decisively by law enforcement agencies.

Discipline within the ANC

The scourges of factionalism, gatekeeping, ill-discipline, membership buying, and infighting continued to afflict our movement. 

The leadership had to spend a lot of time visiting provinces to attend to these problems instead of focusing on building the ANC and leading the country to prosperity. 

The role of the media in ANC politics

We should also be mindful of the fact that the media is an active participant with vested interests rather than an impartial and fair observer on ANC organisational matters.