Members of the main opposition Democratic Alliance party in Johannesburg. Denis Farrell/ AP

Johannesburg - The Gauteng government’s inability to speed up its payment of invoices within a 90-day period shows the administration is not taking proactive measures to deal with its debt and accruals, leading to job losses and businesses having to close down, the Democratic Alliance said on Sunday.

According to the latest section 79 report, the Gauteng government fared worse than the DA-led Western Cape when it came to irrecoverable debt, DA Gauteng MPL Adriana Randall said on Sunday.

"In terms of irrecoverable debt, which is over 90 days, the Western Cape had the least amount at R6.4 billion compared to Gauteng’s massive R34.7 billion - which is the highest in the country," she said.

A similar situation was true of the non-DA metro in the province. The City of Ekurhuleni’s 90-day debt stood at 79.1%. In the DA-led cities of Johannesburg and Tshwane, 30-day debt stood at 15.7 and 20% respectively.

"These statistics make it abundantly clear that the service providers, small businesses and the like, are not being supported by this ANC administration, despite claims to the contrary.

"In this downgraded economy, it is untenable to work without compensation. This administration must ensure that it turns this situation around sooner rather than later before it adds more misery to the already long unemployment queues that stretch around the province," Randall said.