The accident scene on the R21 near ORT International Airport where Bosasa executive Gavin Watson was killed in a car accident. File picture: Karen Sandison/African News Agency(ANA).

Johannesburg - Almost two months after his death in a suspicious car crash near OR Tambo International Airport, another report has cast doubt on eyewitnesses version of what led to the “crash” that claimed the life of Gavin Watson.

Watson, a former chief executive of African Global Operations (formerly Bosasa) died on August 26 this year and the circumstances around his death was questioned from the day it was reported.

Now Watson’s nephew, Jared Watson, says they have two reports, an accident expert report and a pathology report. 

The pathology report shows that he was already dead or that his heart was not functioning at the time of the vehicle crashing into the concrete pillar.

According to Jared, the accident report compiled by accident expert, Konrad Lotter, who was hired by the Watson family to help to go through the accident puzzle, shows there was no acceleration before the car hit the pillar. 

He said now they are waiting for the police report in order to see their findings on the matter. 

“The investigation of the police is ongoing and we are told that they are making good progress, however none of their results have been shared with us to date. We are still waiting on the tracking data from the phone, as well as videographic evidence from before the accident, amongst other things. The cops have been adamant that due to the sensitive nature of the investigation and the media interest, they will not be sharing more until they are closer to a conclusion,” Jared said.  

Watson’s nephew said his uncle's phone was still missing and he said the last time they traced it, it was moving around Johannesburg and that was worrying for the family. 

“We are trying to understand what was going on there. So we are waiting, we want the cops to give us the tracking information from the phone and call records and stuff like that,” he said. 

He stressed that up until the police give them more information, the puzzle would not be solved and they have to patiently wait for police to finish their investigation.

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