Gordhan said to have spooked Russian connection on nuclear deal

File photo: Former finance minister Pravin Gordhan. Picture: Reuters

File photo: Former finance minister Pravin Gordhan. Picture: Reuters

Published Apr 2, 2017


Johannesburg - Former finance minister Pravin Gordhan said the masses should be worried when top ANC officials admitted that they didn’t know where a decision was made.

Professor Njabulo Ndebele said the country was in a “deep political and moral crisis” characterised by power and greed.

Zuma’s spokesperson Dr Bongani Ngqulunga said the president was not involved “in the planning of the memorial service and in the cancellation thereof. Any impression created that the president cancelled or ordered the cancellation is erroneous and unfortunate."

Meanwhile, while Gordhan was doing the presentations in London there was a gentleman called Chenkov who kept on asking many questions about South Africa.

He wanted to know if the South African government was looking at developing nuclear energy. Gordhan quickly quashed the idea of nuclear and repeatedly confirmed that the South African government would never develop this energy.

Chenkov had no further questions.

After the presentation Chenkov called someone and spoke in Russian but whoever he was speaking to was not impressed and angrily dropped the phone.

It is believed that this person immediately called President Jacob Zuma and threatened him that if he did not immediately trigger the process of changing the finance minister and sign the nuclear deal, as commission had already been paid, he would be taught a lesson.

A shaken Zuma immediately called the minister back home. "You obviously know what happened!" 

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