Grindrod faces counterclaim of intimidation

By Time of article published Aug 22, 2007

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By Caryn Dolley

The ID's Simon Grindrod is facing counter-complaints of intimidation and crimen injuria lodged by Juan Duval Uys, the man facing a crimen injuria charge stemming from a complaint Grindrod had lodged.

On Tuesday, Grindrod said it was a "tit for tat move".

Uys, 39, appeared in the Cape Town magistrate's court on Monday on the intimidation charge.

Grindrod, ID caucus leader in the Cape Town City Council and mayoral committee member for economic development, was among about 50 prominent South Africans a blog writer called Skye, supposedly a sex worker, claimed to have had sex with.

Grindrod had lodged a complaint against Skye, whom police believed was Uys.

Grindrod said he had been visited by a Kroonstad investigating officer and was told Uys had lodged intimidation and crimen injuria complaints against him.

"I gave a statement. I have absolute confidence in this process. "I believe Juan Uys will eventually face the music. But I think this matter is now in danger of becoming a complete waste of time and police resources," he said.

The complaints were being investigated and Grindrod did not know whether he would be formally charged.

"I have never met Juan Uys. I have only seen him outside the Cape Town magistrate's court (at his first appearance in Cape Town).

"I have also never met anyone who has been intimidated by someone they haven't met. This is becoming a farce."

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