File picture: David Ritchie

Johannesburg - The South Africa First Forum has pledged to provide free legal assistance to African National Congress MPs who might face action by the party should they vote in support of the motion of no confidence in President Jacob Zuma in the National Assembly on Tuesday.  

"We are aware that many of you who are contemplating to vote with your conscience and support the vote of no confidence in President Zuma are concerned about the implications should you do so," SA First Forum convenor advocate Rod Solomons said in an open letter to ANC MPs on Sunday.

"Many of you and your families are dependent on your parliamentary salary for your livelihood. Should you be recalled from parliament it will have dire consequences for you.

"The #SA1st Forum hereby undertakes that should you be called before a disciplinary committee by the ANC because you have supported the motion and voted with your conscience to provide you with legal assistance at such a hearing on a pro bono basis. All the best for Tuesday. On behalf of all of us at SA First Forum," Solomons said.