Cape Town - 120417 - Minister of Health Aaron Motsoaledi and other dignitaries opened the Khayelitsha Hospital with the sound of protest in the background. While the opening went smoothly, outside members of the Nelson Mandela Backyarders organisation were protesting the allocation of jobs in the hospital to non-Khayelitsha residents. Police were on scene but the protest remained peaceful aside from one little skirmish where police got worried that a handful of protesters might storm the hospital. One protester was detained shortly while police spoke with protest organisers. Eventually, after being addressed by Doctor Adams from the hospital, the crowd dispersed. They will resume their protest tomorrow and continue until their grievences are met. REPORTER: CLAYTON BARNES. PICTURE: THOMAS HOLDER

Johannesburg - South Africans are paying more on health care but receiving poorer outcomes, Health Minister Aaron Motsoaledi said on Friday.

“In South Africa, we still think little of primary health care,” he said at the annual Competition Commission conference.

“While premiums (of medical aids) are increasing, patient care is declining.”

He said that due to the global economic crisis, many countries were tempted to reduce social services, especially health.

“Health is a public good and not just any other commodity.

“I don't know any minister of health in the world who is not worried about the affordability of health care.” - Sapa